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Sunday, April 6, 2008

"The Truth Isn't Out There".

The Unitarian Universalists have another of their silly ads in Time Magazine. In part it reads,
Many of us yearn for a spiritual community that is guided, not by a set creed or dogma, but by an open-minded quest for truth...
In other words, you're welcome here if you are searching for truth. But if you find it, keep it to yourself or leave. It's OK to seek for truth if you believe it's a fruitless, hopeless search. It's OK to seek truth as long as it's just posturing and you never actually get anywhere.


JLundell said...

It's so great that we hyper-literalists happily have a lock on the truth, and have all our questions already answered. Praise Him!

Mark Swanson said...

Hey Jonathan,

I've noticed that you have a fondness for sarcasm based on the law of excluded middle.

But then, you never did care much for the middle did you? :-)