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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Never get investment advice from a Rev (pt 2)

I actually have outperformed most mutual fund managers this decade though! But the last six months have been tough. Nevertheless I just did some research for my semi-annual retirement fund rebalancing and thought I'd share what I found. Please don't take my advice- just use it as a starting point for further research.

In mutual funds I still recommend all things Vanguard. Both their index funds and their actively managed funds. This is where most my money is. I just got back into their real estate fund after selling my shares in it 14 months ago (just before RE tanked). Vanguard has consistently above average returns and below average expenses.

I haven't ever invested in etf's (exchange traded funds), but it might be a good time to look at VFH- many think that financial stocks will do well over the next couple years.

If you want a risky fund with a great track record over the long haul: CGMFX.
If you want a pretty safe fund with a great track record over the long haul: DODFX
Other funds that actually manage to do well consistently: PRASX, FLVCX, JSVAX, FAIRX

In stocks I still love Apple (AAPL), but I sold off my Garmin. I bought KHD at the wrong time last fall, but still like it. I just bought Leucadia (LUK) last week and it's up over 10% already.

I haven't bought WFR, MTW, BUCY, FCX, GFA, or NVDA but they're at the top of my watch list. My stock picks tend to be a little risky since I have the bulk of my money in safe Vanguard funds. We'll see if I can keep my winning streak going for another year.

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