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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just because...

... you stand up in front of God and all your friends and family members and pledge to love each other "till death do we part" doesn't guarantee you won't get divorced.

But it sure does help!

Not only does "living together" have a poor track record but so does... well, before I tell you I have to admit that this next sentence, taken out of context, is pretty funny:
Those couples who married in the 1960s who were virgins were much less likely to divorce than the sexually active — only 30 percent of virgins divorced, while 50 percent of the sexually active divorced.
OK, when I first read that I couldn't help but think: "Sure, it's nice that virgins have a low divorce rate, but aren't they sort of missing the point of marriage?"

But he means (natch), people who were virgins PRIOR to marriage.

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