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Friday, February 22, 2008

A perplexing medical case study.

I had to go to the doctor today to get my allergy prescription refilled (I use this nose spray every year from February thru June but I can't get it refilled w/o going to a doctor - and you wonder why health care is expensive).

Wanting to justify our time, she (actually a P.A.), after noting how rarely they see me (basically only for this one purpose) asked me a bunch of questions about my health, all of which I recognized from my reading as related to stuff that tends to crop up in people of my chronological persuasion, all of which I answered in the negative.

After awhile, and after looking at my charts and the numbers from my last blood tests a few years ago ("these are all really good numbers") she started looking at me with a look that either said, "Are you telling me the truth?" or "Are you some kind of genetic freak?"

Actually I have my dad's body- same height, shoe size, age-adjusted weight (up to age 42 when I started running), etc. He even has acid reflux problems which plagued me also before I started running. His health status, now and at age 53, is a different story.

I told her about my exercise habits and she said, "oh" in a way that implied she understood but was surprised that there are people who actually do that.

I relate this story, not to brag (he lies brazenly) but to motivate.
Exercise really does make a difference. Not just in how long you live, but more importantly in how well you live.


Scotte Hodel said...

When I finish chemotherapy, I shall resume running or riding my bicycle.

I've had my shot across the bow!

Ted G said...

"Bodily exercise profiteth little," says the Good Book, so I'm gonna drive (not walk) on down to the 'ol burger store. Not! (they've been shootin' across my bow, too).

Mark Swanson said...

I look forward to hearing your progress, Scotte.

And nothing wrong with a little profit, eh, Ted.

David Haddon said...

Supplements, man, ya gotta get the right supplements! First of all, several times the RDA of Vitamin D either orally or by sufficient exposure of skin to sun. (Their is evidence of strong anti-carcinogenic effects of Vitamin D.)Next, the fish oil and green tea for heart and brain. And finally, the combination of D-ribose, L-Carnatine, CoQ-10 and magnesium (to bowel tolerance) for the heart if you have any markers for cardiovascular disease.

Anonymous said...

Supplements, schupplements! I do love what they do for me but my recent bouts with flu (all while taking my supplements) have made me a believer in the power of regular strenuous exercise to stave off illness.

After being surrounded for months by flu, germ ridden people (that would be myself and the kids) my oh-so-disciplined exercising husband has made it through with only a hint of not feeling well.

So, now I'm a believer. Wonder if I'll start practicing. )What if I exercised regularly AND took my supplements? Wow - now that would really be something!

Barbara said...

oops - didn't mean to be anonymous

I'm techno-challenged.