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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting in touch with my inner Obama

I was on a 19 mile run with Steve Monday and stopped at a mini-mart for a gatorade to go with the burgers I bought at the McDonald's next door.

While waiting for the cashier to give me back my pennies (she eventually gave me 3¢ back after I gave her $1.15 for a $1.13 purchase), I had to fight the urge to say,

"You are the change I've been waiting for!"


Scotte Hodel said...

You make me laugh.

Mark Swanson said...

thanks, scotte. As in this case, most of my best lines never get verbalized. Blogging gives me a chance to put all that hilarity to use for the benefit of you and the seven or so other carbon-based life forms currently living on planet earth who share your assessment of my humor.