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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"I'll blow your brains out, pig!"

Umm, actually, that's not such a good idea.

Here are some great quotes from the article that you might want to work into your next conversation:

“I always had brains on my arms,” she said.

Dr. Lynfield asked Mr. Wadding, “Kelly, what do you think is going on?”
The plant owner watched for a while and said, “Let’s stop harvesting brains.”

The brains were pooled, poured into 10-pound containers and shipped to be sold as food — mostly in China and Korea, where cooks stir-fry them, but also in some parts of the American South, where people like them scrambled up with eggs.

Anatomically, pigs are a lot like people.


Scotte Hodel said...

Um ... I live in AL. I shall insist on brain-free grits!

Mark Swanson said...

I've heard that when you're asked if you'd like grits you reply, "that's a no-brainer!"