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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HURT pics

Thanks for all your nice comments! HURT was both better and worse than I expected and I'll have a full report for you, probably tomorrow, but right now my computer is misbehaving and I'm going to have to take it into the Apple store tomorrow to get it fixed. 33:09, tenth place out of 89 starters and 21 finishers, 14 blisters, etc. Here are two of Stan Jensen's pics taken at the nature center aid station which we came to at the end of each loop, the second is women's winner Suzanna Bon (that sign also serves as the finish line after the fifth loop) with her pacer Kelly.


kelli said...

Congratulations on the race, Mark!

David Haddon said...

!Felicitaciones! !Bien hecho, Jefe!

But let's get back to basics. How many times have you read LOTR? And I think--from his comment on my blog--Scotte Hodel may want to know too.

Bella said...

I have been meaning to comment since the end of the race...Ric and I followed the entire race on-line. We were so proud of you. I felt like you were my child or family member and I was so excited to see you completing each loop. "Yeah, Yeah, he is still going strong"
So great job son! Ha!

And, that Paul Hopwood. Wow, he was pretty fast, eh? I am anxious to hear how many over the age of 50 completed.

Congratulations. I think this is a huge accomplishment. 100 miles...that is amazing. Great job!

kelly said...

Good job, Mark. You may have been suffering but you looked strong everytime we saw you! It was fun hanging out with you at the dinner on Monday. Matt and I are still here enjoying Makaha. Aloha!