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Friday, January 11, 2008

Pre-HURT hurt

So it's 8 days 'til the HURT 100 mile race, I've trained well, I'm tapering and all looks good as I get in my car this morning to head to the barber, the chiropractor and a staff meeting. I'm driving away, 1/2 mile from home and I sneeze. No biggie, I sneeze a couple times a day- big, satisfying sneezes.

But this time, as soon as I sneeze I feel a searing pain horizontally across my lower back. Man that hurts! (It still hurts tonight). The chiro said it just looks like some minor muscle damage, should heal up OK in plenty of time for the race. If I sit, stand or lay still it's unnoticeable. If I bend over, well I can barely bend over and it hurts.

I've never hurt myself sneezing before. This is what you call, "not good timing." I'll be fine in a couple days. I really believe that. I just wish I KNEW it!


Jered said...

People laughed at Sammy Sosa a few years ago when he incurred back spasms after a heavy sneeze. So it happens to the best of you, apparently.

Scotte Hodel said...

Common advice given to me by wife, children, relatives and friends: "Don't over do it!"

Now, why, I wonder, do they keep repeating tha-- OW! I need to sit down.


Mark Swanson said...

Well it still hurts today whenever I bend over, but I ran 11.5 miles (including a mile on the track in 6:40) and as long as I was careful to practice good upright posture I was pain-free.

kelli said...

Hope it heals quickly for your race!
I was wondering if you had a blog post about how you started running? I am SO at the beginning of all this running "stuff" and I look at people like you and get down on myself - but I know we all start standing still :) How many years have you been running?

Just wondering...

Mark Swanson said...

The back is gradually getting better, though it's pretty tight. I think I'll be OK. Thanks to all who offered prayers!