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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sierra Snowshoe

For Christmas Mrs Runalong gave me a snowshoe trip with REI in the Sierras between Placerville and Lake Tahoe. It was a slow enough pace for my still recovering body and a great contrast to the rain forests of Hawaii that began my week. (pic courtesy of David Britton-Ohl)


davidhaddon said...

That's more like it! No RFP here. But those red snowshoes look awful small to me.

JB2 said...

I realize Hawaii is one of the most revered spots to visit, but for me, not much beats the Sierras...especially on x-country skiis, on foot, or, occassionally on a horse.

Traveling between Redding and Reno last week, I had the opportunity to drive highways heavily covered with snow and devoid of other travelers. The conifers were thickly draped with snow, which was occassionally released by the wind in swirls or earthbound cascades. It was wonderful! (Some of my friends think I'm crazy to be so at home in the mountains, even during a blizzard, but there's really no place I feel more at home and secure.)

Just wanted to say congratulations on your success at HURT. Looking forward to hearing more about it at Focus Group.