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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HURT 100

After six months of obsessing, I can't believe I fly to Hawaii tomorrow. I've been told that the course is even muddier than usual and the forecast for this weekend is for more rain. Given that the race historically has a 25% finish rate (and only a handful of finishers over age 50), I'm glad that my training went well! My back is getting better and hasn't bothered me during my two 11 mile runs (Saturday and Tuesday).

You can follow me on the web HERE- should be updated every two hours or so; I'm #85. The race starts at 6AM (8AM west coast time) Saturday and we have 36 hours to finish the 100 miles and 49,000 feet of elevation change. My next blog post will be next Wednesday. Hope you all have as good a weekend as I'm going to have... or is that the wrong thing to say?


Jered said...

I just checked the page. It's tough to tell from that page how he's ranking, but thanks to a spreadsheet, here it is:

At 7.3 miles, 56th overall (100 started the race)
At 12.8 miles, 42nd
20 miles, 36th
27.3 miles, 25th
32.8 miles, 22nd
40 miles, 19th

Sense a pattern here?

Jered said...

47.3 miles, 15th

Anonymous said...

congrats mark... from what i can see 105 started 21 finished and you were 10th overall. Fantastic. Now rest.

Anonymous said...

correct that.. 100 started.. jered's spreadsheet is the accurate one.


jeff said...

You the man, Mark!