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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tour de Lassen NP- Cinder Cone

As we approached the Butte Lake area we found ourselves running in thick lava sand. Pretty much sucked the life and energy right out of me. My hip flexors were hurting and my legs felt dead and it was getting hot as we descended to 6100' and I was trying to avoid talking in order to keep myself from whining. I didn't recover until we got out of the worst of the sand and began our descent to Snag Lake about 8 miles later. But it WAS kinda pretty...

You can see it under Ted's feet as he approaches the Cinder Cone near Butte Lake:

We almost climbed the Cinder Cone but with 16 miles (actually 21 as it turned out) to go and legs that were weakening by the moment, we decided to forego the virtual "giant sand dune". Amazingly it actually has a couple of trees growing on it:

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