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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cascade Crest 100

In the Seattle Times: One of the better newspaper articles I've read about ultrarunning. I hope to run the CC100 someday, after I get some of the tougher ones (Plain, Wasatch, Massanutten...) out of the way first, Lord willing.
Behind a chalk line on a dusty road in the high valley east of Snoqualmie Pass, 93 extraordinarily fit humans are making final preparations for a 100-mile journey through lush Cascade forests, rocky, wind-swept ridges, slick, ankle-twisting ravines, rain, darkness and extreme fatigue.

By the next day, about three-quarters will return here, having traversed "the Trail from Hell," "the Cardiac Needles" and other delights. They will suffer, cry and feel pain in 31 flavors. They will also laugh, forge friendships and find a deeper understanding of themselves and their limits.

This is the sport of trail ultrarunning...

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Jered said...

That was a very cool article -- thanks.