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Friday, June 6, 2008

Fresh Runs!

Last week Ted and I ran on the brand spanking new Barbara Rogers Memorial Trail (aka: the Upper Sacramento Ditch Trail); about 18.5 miles round trip to Shasta Dam and back.

This evening I finally made it to the Kanaka Peak Trail at Whiskeytown (via the Salt Gulch and Peltier Trails for a 12 mile round trip- absolutely gorgeous 360 views from the top- Trinity Alps, Whiskeytown Lake, Mt Shasta, Redding and the Lassen Range, Sacramento and Peltier Valleys and the Yolla Bolly Wilderness.

(view north from Kanaka Peak)

This is a heavy training month for me (after slacking most of the year) and I'm already behind schedule (aiming for 300 miles). Tomorrow Ted and I are planning to do 21 miles near his home in Shingletown. That'll still leave me a few miles short of my goal for the week. Life keeps getting in the way!

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