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Thursday, November 6, 2008

True stories of prayer in action...

You don't always get what you want when you pray. Me neither. Good thing.

In the last election I only prayed for two specific outcomes, although there were many races and issues I cared deeply about. I need an "OK" from God before I'll pray for something like this.

In a day full of bad news, both prayers were answered. Prop 8 passed (thanks largely to a record turnout of black voters wanting to get out and vote for Obama, 70% of whom also voted for Prop 8).

The other? Our local grade school wants to relocate to my backyard. Almost literally. About 50 feet from the second story window where we eat meals and where I work on my sermons (and write this blog, etc). They needed to pass a bond first. I found out just a few weeks ago (the location hasn't been publicized) and thought about campaigning against it, taking flyers to the neighbors, but decided to just pray.

Five local school districts had bond issues on the ballot. Four passed (one of them by 13 votes). Only ours lost. I don't always get what I pray for but I see a lot more coincidences when I pray than when I don't.

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