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Saturday, November 22, 2008

On Losing My Edge...

Speaking of which (see previous post), I'd fallen into the habit of using baby shampoo for all my shower-related hygienic rituals. I use it on my hair because I have to wash it daily and it's gentle; but I've also been using it everywhere else since it's basically the same thing as liquid soap.

Anyway, despite my massive quantities of testosterone, I'm pretty much a soft, gentle guy.

My wife, however, seeking a more manly shower experience for her hub, bought me something called "Edge". It's a "man's" soap. She liked the smell, but hadn't seen the commercials which document Edge's powerful "chick magnet" abilities.

I used it for awhile, but am happy to be returning to baby shampoo. As a credentialed "man of the cloth" I found it unbecoming to always have to be beating off the babes everywhere I went.

Now that that's that, I need to find a cure for my dog's related problem. Teddi has become quite the "tick magnet" as of late. They tell me she needs a product called "Frontline" but I'll try baby shampoo first.

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