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Friday, November 7, 2008

One more for the road...

As I patiently explained to my rude friend, Ted, I've been sick this week so instead of running I've been surfing (the net). Thus the YouTubishness of my blog. I'm not quite over it yet but I'm to the point where I'm not sure how much of my lethargy is from the cold itself and how much is due to sitting around all week so I'm going to head out for a run this afternoon and hope it cures me of the vestiges.

But before I do, here's one more I found last night. Time lapse northern lights, filmed in Canada. Almost enough to make you believe in God!

Oh, did I mention that I beat Ted (though not by much) in our six-mile race last Saturday? I wasn't going to say anything, but, judging by his comment to my Dominoes post, it's obvious he's still bitter about it. Get over it, Ted!!! ;-)


Ted G said...

Maybe I let you win!

Hope you're feeling better. May the Endorphins be with you, Obi-Wan.

Mark Swanson said...

I suppose the fact that you ran a 50K one week prior might have accounted for my ability to pull away from you in the last mile. You definitely seem to be getting faster.