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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bad Timing?

After two 10K races at a 7:30 pace I was surprised how easily I ran the half marathon ten days ago at a 7:30 pace. And expected I would run today's "Run to Feed the Hungry" 10K at 7:15 or so. My goal was sub-45, reality was 46:21. And it warn't easy! Here I am, stuck on 7:30 again.

46:21 isn't bad; it was good for 393rd place out of 5782 total 10K runners (around 30,000 participants, including walkers, in the 5K and 10K); but it was disappointing to have to work so hard to maintain 7:30 (actually 7:15 for the first half and 7:45 second half pace) per mile.

But that's not the bad timing. The b.t. was waking up at 3AM with a sore throat (the Bex and Mrs Runalong have been sick for about a week, their colds began with sore throats). I didn't sleep much after that between the sore throat and night sweats and almost backed out altogether. Once I decided to go I decided to go all out and see what happened.

After all, if fever is the body's way of fighting sickness, elevating my body temperature must be a good thing, right?

Well, I did OK, my sore throat hasn't come back, I can still look forward to a 10K PR someday, and my amateur gourmet chef daughter almost has Thanksgiving dinner ready. So there's plenty to be thankful for! I hope you're feeling genuinely thankful as well. Yes, there's always "SOMETHING" in this fallen world, isn't there? But there's lots more to give thanks for.

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David Haddon said...

Like "a righteousness from God [that] comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe"?