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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If this doesn't motivate you to start running...

I started running to avoid dying early. My dad has had numerous heart attacks and when I started gaining weight at 40, I didn't want to follow in his missteps. I was after quantity of life, not quality. After all, having to go running every day surely would decrease the present quality of my life, not improve it!

This NBC news report explains how running can postpone the various physical degenerations associated with aging by up to 16 years or more. And the older you are, the greater the difference in quality of life between you and your non-running peers.

Yesterday evening I ran a fun run (10K on the Bailey Cove trail at Shasta Lake) in 46:30 (2 laps, 23:10 per lap) and felt great! I especially enjoyed passing a few of the young cross-country runners who came out for the event. So far, 54 is a fine age to be.

Watch the video! And get moving!!

view from the Bailey Cove trail

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