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Monday, August 18, 2008

Basic Barbell Training

I'm seriously considering buying this book- the reviews are grrrreat.

I would have pulled the trigger but I held off because I was so turned off by the first sentence:

"Physical strength is the most important thing in life."

No wonder Mother Theresa was such a failure!


David Haddon said...

Forget that book! Just pick up a couple lightweight barbells at a garage sale and when you can pump them easily get a couple heavier ones.

David Haddon said...

I was thinking of "dumbbells" and so I fulfilled the second definition of the term since you were talking about "barbells." And that's a horse of another color!

Still if it's "tears not wear," judging from the tear the Terminator recently inflicted on himself in Sacramento, the dumbbells might be safer. Like the Apostle, I just want to spare you the tears (:~