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Monday, August 4, 2008

I don't think we're in Redding, anymore, Toto

After a beautiful Monday we woke up Tuesday to this:

So we headed out and collected some firewood, not wandering too far for fear we wouldn't be able to find our way back through the fog!

At first it wasn't very cold so we were pretty comfortable huddling next to the fire and reading and relaxing, but as the day went on it started to rain and got colder and colder and colder...

Fortunately our rock provided a big overhang/shelter for us to stay dry by the fire. It was ironic though- after fleeing Redding to escape the smoke and heat, here we are on July 29 huddling by a smoky fire to stay warm!

By Wednesday morning there was fresh ice forming on our little creek, my mattress had sprung a leak, and when I suggested maybe we should leave a day early and spend a day in Portland, I saw two faces light up with joy.


David Ray said...

I've seen faces light up like that when I suggested bailing out on an uncomfortable trip. Way to be the man and providing beds and hot showers when needed.

Anonymous said...

It sure looks cold. Over here it's usually rain or heat for camping. Heat tends to turn tents into little ovens.

David Haddon said...

Outright outdoor heresy! But I'd have been with them, too. On my late July trip with the Carpentier kids to the Russian Wilderness Area (SW of Calahan), I went protohypothermic just sitting on a stump for my devotions before sunrise at the trailhead in very mild temperatures. I was weakened by the experience (along with several nights of inadequate sleep)so that the Carpentiers had to carry some of my gear and food into Bingham Lake (under Russian Peak), but I made it on over to Russian Lake and back out on a cross-country route I voted for to avoid the ups and downs of our trip out.

No more wilderness til I get a handle on this condition.