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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trust me, you need this...

Click on the pic, use as many as you need, they're free!

(they have several other useful forms available also, be sure and browse).

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David Haddon said...

I notice that this "Formal Apology" includes a disclaimer of intent to offend, annoy, etc. Since the sender didn't intend to hurt the offended party, this is an excuse for an innocent mistake. Now an innocent mistake may need clarification, but not a letter of apology, much less a form-letter apology.

On receiving such a form letter, if I hadn't taken offense at the orginal action, I would probably take offense at such a clumsy effort to correct my perceived oversensitivity.

I think the better way is to take responsibility for your actions as wrong if you can see that you could have done better by the offended person. In that case, words like, "I was wrong. Will you forgive me. I'll try not to do that again," would be the way to go. Otherwise, you might just verbally explain yout misunderstood intent and ask how they feel about your explanation.