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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PLEASE don't name your son...

Aieydinn, Braeyidon, Caieden, J-Dn, or Tubalcaydin.
For reasons likely to puzzle baby name experts around the world, American parents have become infatuated by names, particularly for their sons, that rhyme with the word “maiden.” These names for boys include: Jayden (No. 18); Aiden (No. 27); Aidan (No. 54); Jaden (No. 76); Caden (No. 92); Kaden (No. 98); Ayden (No.102); Braden (No.156); Cayden (No.175); Jaiden (No.191); Kaiden (No. 220); Aden (No. 264); Caiden (No. 286); Braeden (No. 325); Braydon (No. 361); Jaydon (No. 415); Jadon (No. 423); Braiden (No. 529); Zayden (No. 588); Jaeden (No. 593); Aydan (No. 598); Bradyn (No. 629); Kadin (No. 657); Jadyn (No. 696); Kaeden (No. 701); Jaydin (No. 757); Braedon (No. 805); Aidyn (No. 818); Haiden (No. 820); Jaidyn (No. 841); Kadyn (No. 878); Jaydan (No. 887); Raiden (No. 931); and Adin (No. 983).
Exception: If your last name is "Japan", "China" or any other nation, you have my permission to name your son (or daughter), "Mayden".

(Personal note: When I was in high school about 90% of us were named "Mark". We'd pass each other in the halls between classes and sound like a bunch of lisping dogs as we greeted each other, guy-style: "Hi Mark" "Mark" "Mark!" "Hey, Mark" "Mark". One of my three best friends was actually named "Marc Swanson" so everyone called him "Blondie" and me "Blacky". Good thing he's not still nearby or I'd have to put up with folks greeting me, "Hey, Salt-And-Peppery!")


Jered said...

I still claim originality with Aden, er, #264, because we had not heard of this name or any of its phonetic iterations when we lived in Texas and named him. Only after we named him did all the Aidens and Bradens and Jadens and Cadens come out of the woodwork, and everyone knew like 6 of them.

For us, Aden was a spelling variant of Adon, which is short for Adonai. But no, we're not going to start calling him YHWH.

Mark Swanson said...

I know what you mean. We named our second daughter "Mikaela" when the name was unknown ('79) (variation of "Michael" = "Who is like our God?").

When Aden/Adonai grows up will he name his son "Jesus"? I've heard it's the most popular name south of the border.

Makes me wonder if HG Wells' given name is "Holy Ghost"?

Jered said...

Had our second been a boy, I was tempted to name him Wilson. Tozer would have been proud.

Carolyn said...

Funny you should mention the name "Mark." FIVE (5) of 8 men on the Balkan field are named Mark. ;)