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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to save the Republican Party

I usually avoid politics, but this op-ed is one of the first I've seen in the growing genre of "How to save the Republican Party" that actually gets it right. The good stuff is in the last third of the article.

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David Haddon said...

I read the whole article! Not bad. Of course, all that bottom-up government may not go so well in a culture that seems to have adopted Ayn Rand's idea that selfishness is the chief virtue. For self-government and capitalism to work, there must be a certain level of virtue in the people of a constitutional republic. Christian faith once provided that source of virtue, but Pluralism has rejected the public influence of Christianity as witness the California Supreme Courts latest usurpation of legislative power. So both political parties and the government are largely irrelevant to saving the country.