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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Father's Day?

Here's an article on the typical Father's Day card stereotype:
Fathers sleep a lot, and they snore loudly. When they're awake, they like to fish or golf, but they're comically bad at both. They drink so much beer they're practically alcoholics, and they're complete couch potatoes, always watching television and hogging the remote.
So what's going on here?

Part of it is that a lot of men aren't good at expressing affection so it's hard to know how to express it back. Dad's tease, so tease back.

Part of it is that this sad shoe fits way too many dads. They probably enjoy these cards because they imply: "You don't have to change, we love you anyway." It's like a "Go ahead and refuse to grow up for another year" pass.

Part of it is simply unfair. The stores are full of these cards so lots of folks buy them by default when they really should be showing their dads the appreciation they deserve.

Dads: Be the card you want to receive.

Children (young or adult): Give your dads a card that honors him for his attempts. If he isn't quite as perfect as the card implies, it'll give him something to aspire to.


jeff said...

Forget the cards, I'd rather have my kids quit pouring four gallons of milk down the drain every week, ripping out every screen in my house, breaking every door, poking holes in every piece of furniture, etc.

Mark Swanson said...

Oh oh! Sounds like you made the mistake of having sons instead of daughters, Jeff.

What WERE you thinking?