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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Best Game Ever

I played six years of city league baseball in grade school. Since I felt like a loser most of those years I'll never forget experiences like the game when we ran out of pitchers and I was called in from third base to give it a try ("you've got a good arm") and faster than you can say "Cy Young" I was the new star pitcher.

When I wasn't pitching I played shortstop where I was known as "the human vacuum cleaner". I made the all-star team every other year and dreamed of playing in the majors someday as I listened to the White Sox or Cubs on the radio.

One of my high school classmates, Dan Schatzeder, who lived two blocks away, did go on to pitch for the Minnesota Twins in the World Series, but I never got big enough or strong enough even though back in those days there were a lot of major league second basemen who would have looked tiny next to today's big league hulks.

All of that is to explain why this video brought tears to my eyes...

And while we're on the topic, I didn't think this next one could possibly live up to its title, "The Best Pitch Ever", but I was wrong...

Hat Tip: The Evangelical Outpost

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jeff said...

The Best Pitch Ever video strikes me as odd. There's no one in the crowd even though they play cheering, there aren't even full teams cheering. The pitch wasn't a strike either, no umpire would have called it a strike. I don't think this actually occurred in a game. It's still cool taht he got that clsoe at any point but I don't think it's a legit deal.