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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trash-talkin' Wives!

My wife (and for that matter, most of the wives I know personally), avoids the problem discussed here (with only occasional slip-ups!) but I've observed many, many wives in my time who couldn't seem to stop putting down their hubs; whether they were present or not.

OTOH, I've heard lots of men put down their wives to their faces, but almost never hear a man say anything bad about his wife when she isn't present.

Before anyone calls me a sexist: it's OK if there are some ways in which men behave better than women. When I was a kid I thought cats were girls and dogs were boys. Lots of people today seem to believe that women and girls are angels and men and boys are devils.

"I think women are likely to notice so much more easily the things that aren't getting done," Mrs. Weiner-Davis said. "If they happen to notice what does get done, since women are often perfectionists, the only thing husbands hear is what they aren't doing right. Who wants that?"

Quite frankly, I am not surprised. I honestly don't think women spend much time thinking about how they treat their husbands.

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