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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Running Goals for 2009

Yeah, it would be a lot easier if my goals would just stand still...

But, while I have numerous spiritual and personal goals for the year, I'm not willing to publish most of those here (but you can ask me when privately if you lay awake nights wondering!).

Running-wise (and I always run wisely), my big goal for the year is to run three 100M races this summer. It takes me a long time to recover from a 100M race and I generally do one a year, so this is, for me, a big goal.

I like to have a big goal each year for motivation. It's easy to run when the weather is nice, but at other times just knowing that if I don't train I'm going to end up in deep doo-doo down the road, is a highly motivating reminder.

I'm also hoping to set a PR (personal record) at the Cool 50K in March. Cool was my first ultra (2001) and I finished in 5:18. The two times I've run Cool since I finished in around 5:30 and 6:00. My fastest 50K is 5:12 at McKenzie River though I did a 4:30 at "50K" that was actually a few K short of full deck.

All of which means, after two months of light running (100M per month) I've got to get cranking starting tomorrow. I did get 2100+ miles in for the year, a lot for me; and I'm rapidly closing in on 20,000 miles lifetime (19,553 since 1997).

We've got a pretty good New Year run planned, I may even have pics for you... next year. May your 2009 be a year of prayers answered beyond your expectations!

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