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Monday, March 17, 2008

Whiskeytown Falls...

... has gotten all the publicity since it was "rediscovered" a few years ago but I think that nearby Boulder Creek Falls is much prettier.

Steve and I got dropped off at the W. Falls parking lot this morning and went by both falls on our 33 mile run home. We started in snow near the falls and were almost done in by the heat near Sundial Bridge.

Now I can look out my window at the spot on the NW side of Shasta Bally where Whiskeytown Falls is and think: "Wow, that's a long way away!" as I pour myself another cup of ibuprofen.

I forgot my camera so these shots are from the web; WF on top, then BCF.

I still haven't made it to Brandy Creek Falls. If you want to go, check out this page.

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