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Monday, March 31, 2008

My "Reverend Jeremiah Wright" moment

Yes, I actually said this (with all the emotion and indignation I could muster!) in my sermon on Romans 2:1-5 yesterday:
In chapter 1 we felt like we were walking through the gutters, the sewers of life. We feel like we need a shower after all those terrible unnatural perversions and unmentionables. Such abominable sins, those folks ought to get blasted right off the face of the earth along with all the terrorists and socialists and scientologists and divorced people and bar-hoppers and bikers and people who play that rock music too loud on their car stereos and body-piercers and illegal immigrants and latte-drinking, cat-loving, NPR listening, Volvo-driving Marin Co. new age liberals and folks who don’t even tithe!
Of course I was being totally facetious, satirical and mocking of the self-righteous attitude exhibited by such remarks, in line with Paul's argument in Romans 2 where he moves from "pagan sinners" (chapter 1) to dealing with "good moral religious folk" in order to show them that, as Billy Graham used to say, "I don't care who you are- you need Jesus!"

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David said...

What! My flurry of Amens was all for naught? You didn't even mean it?

On the other hand, Revered Wright was right when he said that the United States got what it was asking for on 9/11. That is, if he meant a small taste of God's judgment for our national sins such as our putting money before God and legally executing 50,000,000 of our offspring, black, white, brown and red.