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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still Running...

I took it easy for a few weeks after Plain and now I'm running again and feelin' goo-ood! I've noticed more energy and speed in my runs, an extra spring in my step, that I haven't felt for a long time. Rest is good.

I ran a 10K today and finished in the top ten! OK, so there were only about 20 starters. Still.

I was curious to see how I'd do since I haven't been running a lot or doing much speed work, and I did do 12 miles the afternoon before the race. I didn't want to do too well because I have two more 10K's coming up in the next five weeks and I didn't want the first one to be the fastest!

I'd only run one 10K before, about 8 years ago, in 46:09. Today I finished in 46:57 (7:28 pace) at about 95% effort. I was told afterwards that the course GPS'd at 6.3 miles (10K = 6.2) so subtract 45 seconds and my equivalent true 10K speed would have been 46:12. Not too shabby for an old man! (Seriously, God is good- by His grace I've been injury free for the last two years).

My big goal is to run the California International Marathon in Sacramento this December and qualify for the Boston Marathon. I need to run the marathon faster than 3:45 (a pace of 8:45/mile). So far, so good.

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