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Friday, October 17, 2008

Impulsive? Not when it comes to making money!

People who have jobs (and don't lose them) get up and go to work every time they are scheduled to do so. It's amazing how consistent they are! They don't consider whether they feel like it or not (except in extreme situations) or say, "I went to work yesterday, I'll just take a break today", or "I better get some yard work in before the weather changes."

Except for vacation or genuine sickness, they just do it.

Committed Christians used to treat Sunday morning worship that way.

Committed Christians used to treat church prayer meetings that way.

Committed Christians used to treat their daily appointment with God that way.

Impulsive Christians claim that all of that is legalistic and that they are much more pleasing to God now that they have thrown off those confining straitjackets. Or at least I guess that must be what they'd say. Most of them really don't want to talk about it.

Can you be a good worker if you don't have a nearly inviolable habit of going to work every day when you are scheduled to?

Can you be a good Christian if the basic cornerstones of Christian growth and obedience are not nearly inviolable habits (insofar as it is within your control)?

That's not a rhetorical question. The answer, he testifies dogmatically, is "no".

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David Haddon said...

And why does the committed Christian develop the habits of regular church attendance for worship and prayer, personal devotions, tithing and witnessing? Because these are only the reasonable responses to God's mercy, the outward evidence of the believer's inner love and gratitude to God (Romans 12:1).