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Saturday, October 11, 2008

News from my backyard

I've been hearing a lot about how Mexican drug cartels have been growing marijuana on public lands in California, particularly in the Redding area. Fortunately the USFS just hired two additional law enforcement agents for the area (before that there was only one!). The agent I talked to told me I'd be safe running in the woods if I stuck to the trails and roads, but if I got off trail, especially in the gullies, I'd be taking a big risk.

Here's news for you potheads- the marijuana you're smoking (unless you grew your own) is probably the opposite of organic:

"I've seen the pesticide residue on the plants," Foy said. "You ain't just smoking pot, bud. You're smoking some heavy-duty pesticides from Mexico." (full story here)

Meanwhile the growers, in addition to spraying and dumping pesticides by the gallon, are spreading rat poison, illegally killing bears and other wildlife, and setting dangerous booby-traps to keep people out.

Smoke a joint, pollute the earth.

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