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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lassie the cat

A Bremerton Fire Department official says an elderly woman has her cat to thank for saving her life in a smoky house fire.

The woman's smoke alarm was going off as smoke billowed through the vents from her home heater but she slept through it. Her cat jumped up on the bed and pawed at her face until she woke up.

Says Fire Lt. Charlie Rinard, "If the cat hadn't woken her up, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have made it."


Deven Carter said...

Wow Mark! Thanks for the post, we will have to go get a cat now. It is probably more work then changing out the battery in our smoke detector, but sounds like a reliable means for fire protection.

kelli said...

well, since there WAS no fire at our house this morning, i will still stand by my annoyance at my cat standing on my back and meowing in my ear to wake me up this morning. dork. (the cat, not you)