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Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'm on Facebook and after ignoring it for a long time a bunch of people asked me to be their "friends" so I'm trying to figure out how to best make use of it. It seems like a good idea in theory, but sort of clunky to use in practice.

It enables me to touch base quickly with some folk I couldn't otherwise have found, but I'm not really into the whole "Right now I'm thinking of trimming my eyebrows but I can't find the hedge clippers..." genre.

OTOH, I did put a whole bunch of cool pics up there- an easy way to share photos. And I think it has capabilities I haven't yet discovered (and maybe never will).

At least now I can keep an eye on the teens in our church (and vice versa?).


David Ray said...

If you do figure it out, I would appreciate a detailed post explaining the whole thing. :)

keltic said...

i stopped asking a certain girl to babysit for us based solely on her status updates! that was really old lady of me, but oh well. :)

Mark Swanson said...

I've already found a few old friends I'd lost track of. So it's good for that. And I enjoy looking at people's pictures. Other than that?

kelli said...

If you're into word games at all - those are fun on there...Word Twist, Scramble, and even a very well-done Tetris game is now on there.

You can compete against just your friends or you can do open games where you're competing against everyone on Facebook. The Tetris is especially addictive.

That's the only part of FB that I use a lot - the wordgames.