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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Sarah Palin "crush"

Lots of Palin posts? I know, for a guy who rarely blogs about politics...

Here's the backstory: One of the things I want to know about a candidate is: How effective of a salesperson/communicator is he/she likely to be? Will they win young people to my side of the aisle? Reagan was the master, but Bill Clinton wasn't bad either. I like Bush, but he's been bad for the "brand". I don't just want someone who agrees with me, I want someone who can convince others to agree with me!

So, in researching VP prospects, I searched YouTube to see what they were like in terms of charisma, communication skills, authenticity, likeability, composure, etc. And what I found was that Palin stood out head and shoulders above the rest. The other VP finalists have all had their moment at the podium this week so, if you've been watching, you now know what I mean.

Nevertheless I was so surprised and thrilled when she was picked. But for me last night's speech was no surprise.

She still might flop. The one advantage that other recent "unexperienced" candidates (Obama, Edwards, Dean...) have over her in is that they got to hone their act during the primaries. She's going to make some flubs. Hopefully they won't be big ones.

Still undecided? Here are some important Sarah Palin facts for you to consider:

As head of Alaska’s Nat’l Guard, Sarah Palin taught troops in a training exercise to scare a grenade into not exploding.

Sarah Palin is the reason compasses point North.

Queen Elizabeth II curtsied when she was introduced to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was not flown to Ohio in charter jet- she ran as part of her morning workout.

Death once had a near-Sarah Palin experience

Sarah Palin always beats the point spread.

When Sarah Palin booked a flight to Europe, the French immediately surrendered.

Sarah Palin isn’t allowed to wield the gavel at the convention because they’re afraid she’ll use it to kill liberals.

Sarah Palin doesn’t need a gun to hunt. She has been known to throw a bullet through an adult bull elk.

Sarah Palin can divide by zero.

Sarah Palin became governor because five children left her with too much spare energy.

NFL teams may draft Sarah Palin, if they forfeit all their other players forever, to maintain league parity.

We don’t know who would win in a Chuck Norris - Sarah Palin cage match because they’ve never invented a cage that can hold Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin knows the location of DB Cooper’s body because she threw him from the plane.

The Northern Lights are really just the reflection from Sarah Palin’s eyes.

The raw energy of Sarah Palin melts the Alaskan ice roads every spring.

Sarah Palin once bagged a caribou by staring it down until it died.

Sarah Palin fishes salmon by convincing them it’s in their interest to jump into the boat.

Sarah Palin once guided Santa’s sleigh through an Alaskan blizzard with the light from her smile.


David Haddon said...

We already know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the one and only reason you like Sarah Palin is that she runs a lot and that you expect her to run down Pennsylvania Avenue 5 days a week.

Anonymous said...

do you have the picture of her in her running shorts as your wallpaper on your computer?
I agree with david - once it was known she wasn't just running, she RUNS, you were sold.

(kelli fm.