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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Satan's strategy

Satan seeks to steal, kill and destroy.  He hates human beings and hates the church and wants to bring us and it down.  And he is very clever.

If he can utterly destroy your life and testimony and joy, he's happy to do so.

If he can't have that, he has a more subtle, "compromise" strategy:  If he sees you as a person who has great potential to accomplish great things for God through the power of the Holy Spirit, he will try to distract and divert you to other things.

What kind of other things?  Did I say "clever" and "subtle"?

Not necessarily bad or foolish things.  He is happy to have you (or your church) focus on, and excel at many very good things as long as they aren't the best.

He is holding people in bondage.  If you (or your church) are no threat to his kingdom of slaves, if you (for no one other than Christians can set captives free) are not actively engaged in storming the gates of hell and seeking to lead the lost out of bondage into freedom and adoption...

then he is quite happy with whatever it is you are doing instead.

You can have a good moral life and an exemplary marriage and family.  You can have a growing church and a much-admired "ministry".  You can be a good, happy, person - full of kindness and good intentions.  

He won't and doesn't really like the fact that all these good things are true about you, but as long as they are your focus, as long as they distract you from your full potential as a child of God and fisher of men, he is willing to settle for this.

Are you?

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